Established in 1995, Connect1 Corp (C1C) delivers a full range of outsourced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions spanning every stage of the customer lifecycle on behalf of many Fortune 500 companies. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, CIC has satellite offices across North America and the Caribbean to serve our clients. Connect1 Corp sets itself apart from the competition as a relatively small provider with a lean management team and the ability to scale based on specific customer requirements. Our flexible structure and customized approach give us the ability to provide creative solutions that the competition cannot deliver.

Our management team is involved in the day-to-day operations of the business, and we have the infrastructure and processes to successfully execute large, complex outsourced sales initiatives. Our proprietary training model and commitment to innovative technology give us the ability to rapidly design and deploy complete CRM programs to meet demanding requirements.

Connect1Corp delivers a fully integrated range of CRM solutions, including outside sales force management, inside sales support, customer service and support, lead generation, marketing research and insight, contact data enrichment, and database design/management.



Connect1 Corp. is committed to providing our customers with effective, low-cost, rapidly deployable alternatives to less-effective direct marketing vehicles that deliver less-than-favourable returns. Our sales solutions deliver results and enable our customers to increase sales revenues and refocus on key priorities of the business, ultimately increasing productivity.

In addition, we want to provide rewarding career opportunities that stretch our associates to achieve, grow, and flourish

Why Choose [c1c]

Based on your needs, Connect1 Corp can scale to more than 1,500 sales professionals worldwide in a multitude of languages. We have been instrumental in assisting numerous clients reach and influence their target audience through focused, effective face-to-face sales initiatives in key strategic markets.

With unparalleled speed-to-market capabilities, C1C can become your highly trained sales force in new markets or where there is no existing sales presence. We can help you reach your sales goals – either in a local market or around the globe.

Our Values

Our company is aligned on three key guiding principals:

[1] Fairness and commitment to staff, customers and prospects

[2] Consistently fostering individuals who seek self-improvement, and strive for personal excellence

[3] An environment that promotes adaptability, and resiliency to change

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