Our CRM solutions approach is truly unique in the industry. Understanding the target market is the key to everything we do. We have developed a proprietary model - The 3A’s™ - that is applied to every program.

ASSESS - As a first step, we conduct a half-day session with clients with three takeaways: the current sales model, the competition and the ideal customer they are trying to acquire.

ANALYZE - We then take a deep dive with our Customer Intelligence Team to conduct an opportunity appraisal that includes market sizing, data insights and prospect survey research in order to recommend the optimal contact solution.

ACQUIRE - Once the appraisal is complete, we go back to the client with a proposed contact solution that we feel is the most cost-effective way to acquire customers.

Our proven 3A’s approach allows us to make realistic recommendations, gather greater customer intelligence and validate and/or modify our clients' sales and marketing approaches before we embark on a program.

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