The amount of data at your fingertips can be overwhelming and difficult to distil and digest. It's often challenging to understand key customer insights and how best to act on them intelligently and proactively. Connect1 Corp has the experience to deliver customer insights, not just raw data. Leverage C1C's services and solutions to enhance and enrich data, and prepare to glean new, deeper insights on your customers and prospects.

Our Services include: 


Unlike our competition, we are in constant conversation with prospects on our file. Each month we talk to upwards of 100,000 unique small business owners, building our proprietary prospect list to over 600,000 key decision makers. In addition, we have access to a number of key business-to-business files that will enable you to increase prospect intelligence and gain a competitive advantage.

Database Design and Management 

Whatever your needs - whether a smaller database for frequent campaigns or wrestling with the ongoing management of a larger, more comprehensive database - C1C is here to help build a scalable, secure database with redundant, offsite back-up to enable you to gain insights into your industry.

Data Enhancement 

Data accuracy is 95% of your offering. Let C1C help you turn data into an intelligent high-yield revenue source, and gain the competitive advantage that C1C can offer by leveraging our database assessment and gap analysis to identify areas for opportunity. Get your list ready for a truly effective outsourced sales or research initiative.